A 6-month Online Program In Deep Coaching


Program Begins April 2020


This in-depth program is for those inspired to be on the leading edge of the emerging field of men’s work. Our challenging curriculum will arm you with proven deep coaching techniques, awakened leadership skills, deep internal practices and a strong foundation in conscious men’s work. Join us for an intensive six-month training that will develop your embodied confidence in the art of men’s coaching. 

The Men’s Coach Training will go deeper than any other into the depths of men’s transformation.

Rooted in wisdom lineages and cutting-edge men’s work, this training will give you the skills and experience to both skillfully lead men’s groups and workshops and to excel in 1:1 coaching relationships. What you will experience in this training will not only affect your career, it will result in profound shifts in all areas of your life: relationships, parenting, purpose, vision, and sexual intimacy.

Be the leader and the man you came here to be.

As more and more men invest time and resources into their personal growth, new leaders are being called to guide them. Are you ready to become a highly trained, embodied leader that lives the practice?

Have you heard the call to be a guide, mentor or coach?

This Men’s Coach Training is far more than just about “becoming a coach” – It is about paving a pathway to mastery.

In this training, you will…

  • Refine your coaching skills into instinctive reflexes through deep inner work practices
  • Develop a robust set of specific techniques with the acuity to know the right tool for the moment
  • Achieve proficiency in Men’s Deep Coaching practices that will create lasting transformation in your clients
  • Embody the authentic confidence needed to launch your coaching practice, or bring your current practice to a higher level of mastery
  • Be immersed in the transmission of modern healthy masculinity and learn the foundational skills to lead men’s groups and workshops
  • Receive master guidance, raw compassionate feedback and fierce accountability from mentors and peers
  • Enter a heart-centered training ground with the support of a powerful community of men’s coaches
  • Effectively incorporate powerful spiritual modalities in ways that the average man can digest and enhance their lives
  • Learn to coach at the highest level with the confidence to work with ANY man — from top performers, to CEO’s, to visionary leaders

Now Is Your Time to Lead

Experience a diverse range of deep transformational practices through our 18 potent modules to help your clients address topics such as purpose and mission, success, intimacy & relationships, and life-challenges.

This masterfully crafted training will give you the skills and confidence you need to become a deep men’s coach and a leader to help advance men into a new era.

The World Needs More Men’s Coaches

There is a powerful transformation happening in the world today and strong leaders are needed.

Men are hungry for authentic confidence, true brotherhood, integrity, and a purpose they can believe in. Our mission with this program is to provide a powerful space for you to find these things within yourself, while empowering you to help others to do the same.

Thousands of men from around the globe have been impacted by this work and now we are offering you the skills to become a leader in the field.

Deep training is what gives each of us the confidence to create our bold and unique mark on the world. We created this program so that those called to this work can receive the skills, experience and confidence to be a significant leader in the emerging field of men’s work.

This work has been transformative in how I view and approach my business, my relationships and myself. The deep inner work combined with practical application and live support from other men was a powerful combination that immediately resulted in a more authentic loving relationship with my wife and kids and it has changed my approach to giving feedback permanently. For men wanting to grow into their best selves, I have, and will continue to recommend this program.

Nick Herinckx, Executive Coach

It’s a challenging a time to be a man. The rules and scripts that worked for our fathers and grandfathers are no longer working for the modern man. To make matters more difficult, it is a time in history where people are the most isolated.

To break through these challenges, Zat creates a deliberate, potent space for men to learn to be vulnerable, authentic, and on purpose in today’s changing world. His invitation for men to recover the parts of them that are lost creates a powerful impact in today’s world. It’s actually the best time to be a man and Zat’s masterful guidance is leading the way.

Robert Kendall, Growth Expert | Author | Speaker | Podcaster

Program Structure and Logistics

Integrity and excellence are our highest priority. Our curriculum is influenced by the guidelines, requirements, and ethics of the I.C.F. (International Coaching Federation).

This program practices what it preaches.

Applications Open: March, 2020

Time Investment

24 Weeks

In-class Training

27 Hours

Online Dojo Days

12 Hours


15 Hours (minimum)

In-Person Immersion

3-Day Immersion September 20-22

Personal Coaching

1-1 Individual Coaching Session with Lead Facilitator

Online Trainings

Online Group Training on Current Module*
90 Minute Calls, Mondays 10 am – 11:30 am PST (**some calls some will be recorded)

May 13th, 20th, 27th 
June 10th, 17th, **24th
July 8th, **15th, 22nd
August 5th, 12th, 19th
September **2nd, 9th, 16th, 30th
October 7th, 14th

Online Dojo Days

Dojo Days will consist of 90 minutes of sharpening your skills with the other men in the group. This will be your opportunity to hone your craft, receive feedback and coach other men while still held within a powerful container of practice.
Thursdays 10am pst- 11:30am pst. 8 sessions over the six-month period. Dates below.

May 23rd – June 13th, 27th – July 18th – August 8th, 29th – September 19t – October 10th

15 Hours Minimum Home-Study

Home-study will be an important part of this training. This includes book reading, assignments, journaling logs, partner practice and other solo work.

1-1 Coaching Sessions with Lead Facilitation

Receiving personal coaching is a powerful experience and a must for anyone wanting to become a coach. Each participant will receive 1-1 coaching with Lead Facilitator, Zat Baraka during the program.

In-Person Immersion

You can only lead others as deeply as you’ve gone yourself. This 3-day immersion will take you through deep masculine practices and men’s work that will strongly forge your skills as a coach and as a practitioner. Your time here will give you an embodied experience and solid practice in how to coach men into a deep place. It will also be a way to bond in brotherhood and will serve as an initiation into the men’s deep inner work path. Attendance to this 3-day immersion will be a prerequisite to receiving your certificate as a coach, but those who do not attend can still receive a diploma of completion for the course and are strongly encouraged to attend at another time.



This will be an engaging and immersive experience where you will learn through observing other skilled coaches, coaching others yourself, receiving feedback and powerful teachings, participating in comprehensive discussions, journaling, and moving through a curated reading list.

Module 1

The View of the Path Ahead

  • Understanding Our Purpose, Vision, and Desired Outcome
  • Defining Deep Coaching For Men
  • Clarifying the Ethics of Coaching
  • Setting Your Sites on Your Goal

Module 2

State of Men and Masculinities

  • Decoding Masculine Programming
  • Addressing the Common Challenges of Modern Men
  • Creating a Strong Framework for Men’s Work and Coaching

Module 3

The Client / Coach Relationship

  • Understand and Incorporate A Variety of Approaches to Coaching
  • Learn to Differentiate Coaching, Therapy, Mentorship and Men’s Work
  • Learn Approaches to Begin a Successful Coaching Session
  • Utilize Strategies for Establishing Trust and Intimacy
  • Learn to Create Solid Session Outcomes with Your Client
  • Practice with the 3 Foundational Coaching Communication Devices

Module 4 & 5

Developing The Art of Deep Coaching

  • Understand The Four Pillars of Men’s Wisdom Work
  • Cultivate Masculine Presence as Your Foundation for Coaching
  • Utilize Subtlety and Sharpen Your Intuition as Fundamental Skills
  • Create a Common Language with Your Client
  • Practice with Incorporating Body-Based Practices in a Session


Module 6 & 7

Deep Coaching:

Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness & Spiritual Psychology

  • Develop the Foundations of Emotional Intelligence for Men
  • Apply Coaching Exercises to Assist Your Clients in Lessening Emotional Reactivity in Interpersonal Relationships
  • Learn to Help Your Clients Expand Their Emotional Range
  • Understand The Principles and Practice of Mindfulness and Apply Them Within Your Coaching Sessions
  • Learn Strategies to Digest Your Own Tensions Without Projection
  • Understand the Principles of Spiritual Psychology to Create Swift Transformation for Your Clients
  • Apply Spiritual Psychology Models to help Men Modulate Between “The Goal Line” and “The Learning Line

Module 8

Deep Coaching:

Mindset, Beliefs and Solution-Orientations

  • Learn Critical Tools To Recognize and Reprogram Beliefs  
  • Apply Goal Orientation Strategies Within Coaching
  • Utilize Processes to Identify Client Intentions & Priorities and Use Them to Create Positive Outcomes
  • Understand the Primary Drivers of Mindset in a Positive Way
  • Use Processes to Support the Development of Productive Mindset Strategies
  • Incorporate Processes for Shifting Negative Thoughts into Empowered Self-Worth

Module 9

Deep Coaching:


  • Understand and Incorporate Embodiment Practices To Powerfully Shift Your Client’s State
  • Learn to Be An Embodied Coach and Respond Authentically To Your Client Through Decisive Feedback and Powerful Questions
  • Support Men Out of the Linear Mind and Into the Wisdom of the Body
  • Utilize Masculine Archetypal Practices to Shift the Client from Stress Responses to an Inner-Resource State
  • Increase Awareness of Neuromuscular Patterns in Your Client to Help Break Unhealthy Body Patterns
  • Use Death as a Doorway to Freedom

Module 10 & 11

Deep Coaching:

Therapeutic Applications and Inner Work

  • Apply Gentle Therapeutic Approaches to Address Client Wounds in Your Coaching Practice
  • Learn to Incorporate Shadow Work To Empower Your Client
  • Help Your Client Access Their Dark Side in a Safe and Powerful Way
  • Use Dialogue Technique to Address Self-Sabotage and Unworthiness
  • Practice With and Understand Somatic Imprints
  • Apply Emotional Release Techniques in a Session

Module 12

Deep Coaching:

Men’s Groups

  • Learn The Art of Facilitating Your Own Men’s Group
  • Utilize Processes that Will Powerfully Impact Any Group
  • Establish Your Inner-Authority As a Men’s Group Leader
  • Learn the In’s and Out’s of Group Dynamics
  • What To Do With Adversity In A Group

Module 13

Relational Intimacy

  • Learn to Address Challenges Your Client May Have With Intimacy
  • Integrate Intimacy as a Path to Enlightenment
  • Effectively Apply Relational Intimacy Practices for Men
  • Understand the Subtle Dynamics Within Relational Intimacy
  • Incorporate Techniques and Strategies for Increasing Vulnerability and Connection

Module 14

Integrity & The Client – Coach Relationship

  • Skilfully Integrate the Professional Standards of Being a Coach
  • Understand the Dynamics Within a Coaching Relationship
  • Learn Best Approaches to Dealing with Adversity  
  • Learn to Handle Transference, Projections, and Resistance
  • Learn to Provide Powerful and Effective Accountability for Your Client
  • Effectively Understand and Put to Practice the Business of Coaching
  • Use Specific Techniques for Holding Your Clients Accountable to Their Growth and Plans

Module 15 & 16

The Client Creation Process & The Golden Conversation

  • Learn How to Land  Your Ideal Clients
  • Master the “Client Creation Spiral”
  • Learn to Deliver Beyond the Ordinary
  • Understand the Timeline of the Coaching Relationship
  • Create the Ideal “Context” For Your Coaching Relationships
  • Learn to Serve Your Client Instead of Selling Yourself
  • The Golden Conversation: The Art of Enrollment
  • Master to the Coaching Conversation
  • Learn Specific Coaching Questions and Paths of Inquiry to Facilitate Insight & Interest

Module 17

Coaching Lab with Guest Master Coach

  • Learn from the Direct Experience of a Master Coach
  • Questions from Your Own Clients (You’ll Be Seeing Them By Now!)
  • Circle Back to Any Remaining Questions

Module 18

Playing with Subtle Energy & Closing the Circle

  • Learn Critical Practices to Support Your Client in Achieving Their Biggest Dreams
  • Scientific Approaches to Kicking Ass and Playing BIG!
  • Learn How to Properly Prepare Your Client for Coaching
  • Closing Ceremony


$5100 in full, or 6 payments of $915

(For those who are not able to attend the immersion, the pricing options are $4,700 in full or 6 payments of $865)


This training is limited to a small group of committed men.

To ensure a dynamic and truly life-changing experience for every single participant, this is an application-based program. If you’re feeling called to this program and are ready to step up and commit, please take the first step by filling out a brief application. This Men’s Coach Training will be a journey of self-transformation that will expand you as a leader and a man that can also lead to a thriving career as a coach.

After receiving and reviewing your application, we will schedule a time to speak with you personally so that all of your questions can be answered. Once we know it’s a great fit, payment options can be decided.

This Men’s Coach Training was created with you in mind

Coaches, leaders, healers, and practitioners

…who want to deepen their embodiment and coach training skills.

Fathers, partners, and everyday men

…who want to evolve more as men of integrity, purpose, and love.

Current personal growth entrepreneurs

…who want a powerful toolbox to enrich their male clients’ journey.

Men in professional transition

…looking for a career in deep service to others.

Men who want to enhance their confidence and leadership skills.

​I’ve seen Zat take men from some of the deepest darkest parts of themselves and lead them out into the light​, with strength and compassion.  His methods are dynamic and his work is unique.  Zat Baraka has a gift to share with the world, and is someone who has truly walked the path of growth and transformation himself.  He doesn’t just talk the talk.  His blend of deep spirituality and earthy realness makes him very relatable, and an excellent mentor, facilitator & coach.  Highly recommended.

Serge Berliawsky, Musician / Yoga Instructor / Business Owner

Your Facilitators

Zat Baraka is one of the premier men’s coaches available today

His work is to support men to understand the mature masculine, not as an abstract philosophy, but as an embodied knowledge through living as an authentic, empowered, creative and compassionate man. His training is extensive, varied and unconventional and includes:

-Over twenty years of intensive men’s group work, cathartic deep inner work, men’s rite of passage and men’s personal development work.

-Over twenty-five years of continent-spanning personal spiritual growth work, with an emphasis on intimacy and relationship, emotional mastery training and eighteen years Tantric Buddhist training in the Nyingma tradition.

-Multiple certifications in Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Buddhist meditation.

-The completion of the Spiritual Psychology Masters programs from the esteemed University of Santa Monica.

Zat is the founder of the highly respected New Masculine Program and Men’s Wisdom Work organization. Aside from his private coaching practice, he currently teaches on intimate relationship at festivals, conferences and leads men’s groups internationally.

Allan Isbell

Project Manager and Assistant Facilitator 

Allan is a certified mindfulness instructor and speaker, as well as a rising leader in the men’s movement, that has trained hundreds of individuals around the country. Allan is the Program Manager and Faculty Member. With his grounded presence and unique humor, Allan draws upon diverse influences in ancient wisdom and modern science, as well as his own depth of experience while sharing with others the life-long art of living with a clear mind and an open heart.

Eric Watson

Leadership Team Director

Award-winning filmmaker Eric Zahedi Watson has made several feature films including, π (Pi) Requiem For A Dream, and The Fountain. Watson is a successful entrepreneur who has founded multiple businesses and is currently working with a startup in Ojai. He has guest lectured at many universities including Columbia, USC, NYU, and AFI, and is the co-creator with his wife of the popular talk titled “Path of Empowered Opposites – Healthy Masculine and Rising Feminine” which is presented to a festival audience. Watson has been deeply steeped in personal and spiritual development over the past ten years, learning primarily from the sacred traditions of different native peoples of the Americas. He resides in Topanga Canyon with his wife.


Questions and Answers to Consider

What is the basic philosophy behind this work?

Our highest aim is to help men awaken into more fully loving, compassionate, purposeful and enlivened men. It is important to understand that this work does not seek to imprison any man in any box or convention. We believe there is no prescription or narrative for how a man “should be”. We contend that there are however effective ways each man can practice being and becoming more of who he really is.  

What traditions does this training draw from?

This work draws influences from many traditions of the east and west, including Tibetan Buddhism, Western Men’s Work, Spiritual Psychology, and Jungian Shadow Work and Archetype Work. Blending the eastern components of mindfulness, compassion and dedicated practice with traditional western men’s work and modern science, we seek to move men out of the old paradigms, through the new-age sensitive guy, and into more fully integrated and empowered men.

What do I get upon completion of this program?

After completing the Men’s Coach Training, you will receive a Program Completion Certificate. To become a certified Men’s Coach, you must however complete all of the certification requirements. (See next FAQ).

How do I become a certified Men’s Coach?

To become certified as a Men’s Coach you must complete:

  • the 6-month Men’s Coach Training
  • 1 intensive immersion
  • 50 hours of documented client work

*This is an evolving program. Requirements may change over time as we strive to excel and improve it. This program is not yet certified with any international coaching association as that level of certification is a very rigorous process, but it is something we are working towards for the future.

What does it mean to be certified?

As a certified Men’s Coach, you will carry a credential from a highly respected men’s coach, be hosted on our website as a qualified coach, be a part of a growing community of men, and receive discounts to other trainings, programs, retreats and immersions.

How much time do I need to devote to this program?

Each week, we have a 90-minute weekly teaching call, homework and on some weeks, Dojo Day practice sessions. On average, plan on spending 3+ hours per week on this program.

We know life gets busy, so we’ve woven spaciousness right into the program with “implementation weeks”. Our rhythm is: 3 weeks of content, 1 week off. That way, if you’ve missed a call or gotten a little behind, you have the time to catch up and integrate the material.

Will the training calls be recorded?

Yes, each group class will be recorded for those who can’t make it so that they can watch it in their own time. Please note, there will be some calls that are pre-recorded. If you miss up to 3 live calls, you will be asked to send in a write-up to be reviewed after watching the recording. If you miss more than 3 live calls, you must attend a live make-up class.

Still not sure this is right for you?

Schedule A Call

Whether you are new to men’s coaching work or you are an established leader seeking a more embodied depth of knowledge, this masterfully crafted, comprehensive training will take you to the next level.

Apply now and be the leader and man you came here to be.